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Canada University Ranking

Canada University Ranking and their Merit in last years


Canada University Ranking

The particular launch of the latest Canada University Rankings® views 26 Canadian universities feature among the world’s best. This consists of three top colleges in Canada in the worldwide top 50, with another 10 in the top 300. Read on for more information on the top universities in Canada this year, beginning with the top 10.

1. McGill University:

Holding on to the top spot among these top Canadian universities for the second consecutive year is McGill University, falling six places this year to rank 30th in the world. Located in Montréal, McGill has around 40, 000 students enrolled, of which 25% are international. They have the greatest number of Rhodes college students and Nobel Prize those who win among any Canadian college.

2. University of Toronto

The particular University of Toronto sides closer to its competitor McGill, climbing two places this season to rank 32nd on earth. Located in Canada’s most significant city, the university or college contributes CA$15. 7 billion dol… Read more

Canadian Universities Ranking 2018 - from Number 101 to 200

rankingWorld RankUniversityPresence Rank*Impact Rank*Openness Rank*Excellence Rank* 101 6119 (1) Red River College 5253 5831 6476 5777 102 6139 Quest University 11304 7068 4450 5777 103 6158 Lethbridge College 8611 7040 4810 5777 104 6178 Tyndale University College & Seminary 6227 5121 7371 5777 105 6270 Fleming College 7298 3932 8759 5777 106 6287 Mohawk College 4871 2743 9593 5777 107 6315 Durham College 6653 … Read more

Candian Universties and their ranking in 2018 from Number 1 To 100

Canada University Ranking rankingWorld RankUniversityPresence Rank*Impact Rank*Openness Rank*Excellence Rank* 1 14University of Toronto 8 34 47 8 2 26University of British Columbia 25 Read more More posts Powered by Blogger Theme images by Michael Elkan


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