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Stylish and Unique Ironing Board Covers!

Ironing board cover – buy ironing board coverOur homes are a special place where style, design and tidiness converge. From the furniture we own to the pictures we hang on our walls, everything in our house is an extension of our taste and our preference for comfort. VieveMar offers premium ironing board covers that beautify your home and turn your ironing board into a welcomed and stylish addition.Quality Products for Efficient Ironing and Long-Lasting UseBuy ironing board covers from VieveMar to receive the foremost in quality and service. Our cotton ironing board covers are made from top-quality materials, are completely burn resistant and come with all the benefits you can expect from a premier ironing board cover. They are made with all-natural cotton and specialized aluminum, and use heat reflective technology to make ironing faster and more efficient. Each one is fully-tested for safety purposes and can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees Celsius. Beyond adding a stylish element to your home interior, our high quality ironing board covers help you iron faster, easier and are designed for continuous and enduring use.

What makes the Vievemar’s Ironing Board covers unique?

  • Generous padding with integrated foam and felt pad provides maximum protection and support.
  • The handy drawstring and toggle ensures that your cover fits snugly on your board and stays in place.
  • We have a variety of designs and sizes for all types ironing board covers.
  • Our covers are fun to look at while you breeze through the ironing chore.
  • Exceptional quality and lovely colours that give this cover a superior edge over regular covers
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